Home News These posters will Make you Feel Proud to be an Indian

These posters will Make you Feel Proud to be an Indian

Proud To be an Indian
India invented Chess

Proud to be an Indian posters


Amidst all the news of corruption, murders and rapes overshadowing the beauty of our country, Kimothy Designs came up with these Proud to be an Indian posters that are not only beautiful, but also something that will make every Indian feel proud of his/her roots. The facts that the team has covered and then it’s creative execution make for a fantastic read on this weekend. Proud to be an Indian are series of designs that will make you feel so much better about India and its culture, you will stop idolizing the other “developed” countries. There’s a lot we need to be proud of and know about this diverse nation.

It’s one of those articles where nobody’s describing the pathetic position of the country today, but telling you why each one of us must be a proud Indian today. It’s along the lines of generating that much needed hope and vigour among Indians that we are capable of achieving this and much more. The images have been trending on social media platforms for a long time now and have been loved and appreciated by every Indian. It’s not always right and healthy to keep fixating on something negative about the country on anything else for that matter. Images like these provide that much needed push that instigate us to strive harder and achieve much more. It’s an ode to every Indian who has achieved something unique and done India and it’s people proud. Of all the images that we have seen that talk about India in a brighter light, we loved these the most. Once you look at them, you will know exactly why.

Proud to be an Indian does exactly that! Have a look and cheer for the country! It’s extremely heart warming.

Proud To be an Indian Posters

Proud To be an Indian Posters
Most Number of movies Made in India
World's largest democracy - India

India has Second largest english speaking population

Proud To be an Indian Posters

Indian National Kabaddi team has won all the worldcups

Algebra was originated in India

India exports softwares to 90 ountries

India the only source of diamonds till 1896

India Never invaded in the last 100000 years


India with the largest no. of post offices

India invented Chess

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