AIB’s Every Bollywood Party Song Starring Irrfan Is An Absolute Must Watch

If you thought Irrfan Khan cannot do something funny and only has a serious side; you are in for a major shocker right here. AIB’s every Bollywood Party Song is something that is going to make you laugh until your sides hurt, but will also tell you something very crucial about the industry that most of us miss because we are so taken into the whole glamour of it all. It was such a refreshing change to see Irrfan take a dig at all these film makers and composers who serve the same old crap to us in the name of “party songs”. The best part about every Bollywood Party Song is the way it has been written. It’s sarcastic, hilarious, witty, quirky and so honest you can’t help but nod your head at the facts these guys have managed to cover in the lyrics. And once you are done laughing; give a thought to all that these guys have said. There is a blunt reality projected here! Way to go AIB!

Irrfan is genuinely on a roll lately with all the projects he is undertaking. Not even in our wildest dreams did we expect Irrfan to work with AIB. Irrfan is just not into any of this or so we thought until now. What he has done here shows us exactly why this man is and will always remain a classy actor. The video is trending on social media beyond anyone’s comprehension and has received a lot of praise from the audience. It’s an eye opener for most fo us who randomly and blindly follow the so-called “trends” without analysing whether there is a value addition happening here or not.

P.S: Honey Singh are you listening?


Source: All India Bakchod

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