Remember The Apartment Switching Quiz? Mathew Perry Took The Friends Quiz And It Is Pure Gold

If you think we are joking; we aren’t! Mathew Perry took the Friends quiz for real! Most of us are die heard fans of the show and believe we know everything about it. But can we say the same thing about the actors? An episode surfaced on Youtube currently of The Graham Norton Show where Mathew Perry was one of the guests.

And to everyone’s pleasant surprise he was asked to take the quiz from the episode where he and Matt Le Blanc (Joey) win the apartment from the girls. Mathew Perry took the Friends Quiz and nailed every question except one. Now which is that one question he missed out on, we suggest you watch the video.

Not only this, Perry also shared about how he landed an audition for the show and got selected. Apparently, several of his friends were auditioning as Chandler. Mathew Perry understood that character well and would help his friends to work on the audition. Ultimately he ended up auditioning for the role and landed up as Chandler on the show.

Even after a little over a decade of the show ending, Friends is still one of the most loved and talked about shows. And then fans are treated with such priceless moments like this one that just adds to the love and madness for the show and its characters even more.

Mathew Perry took the Friends Quiz and entertained everyone with his prompt answers. In fact, when he couldn’t answer one of the questions, he passed it to the audience. Surprisingly there was somebody who came pretty close to the answer and received a lot of applause for that.

Watch it once, watch it twice, watch it over and over again. It is surely going to put a smile o your face.


Source: The Graham Norton Show

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