Healthy Habits For Women


Amidst all this feminism talk and women rights; most women are forgetting the basic healthy habits they must have for a happier life. These Healthy Habits For Women are not only aimed at their physical health, but also focus on their mental well being; training them to celebrate independence the way it should be. This is for every new-age woman no matter what the age. These Healthy Habits For Women help build and endorse the sense of being and self confidence like no other. Have a look!


1Always check your bank accounts and credit card statements regularly; most women choose not to indulge in the technical aspect of money which is alarming.

Healthy Habits For Women - check you bank statements regularly

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2Always drink lots of water and other fluids. Keep yourself hydrated before it’s too late and you notice changes in your skin and hair. Water is the best medicine.

Healthy Habits For Women - Drink lots of water

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3Don’t keep munching on snacks if you aren’t hungry. This is the reason to most of your body weight issues!

Healthy Habits For Women - Don’t keep munching on snacks

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4Keep your cell phone away when you are out with friends. You need to start doing this immediately!

Healthy Habits For Women - Keep your cell phone away

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5Don’t indulge in a lot of alcohol. It feels good at the moment, but it screws up your system like no other.

Too much of alcohol is bad for health

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6Love yourself, appreciate yourself every day. Believe me nobody else is going to love you if you don’t love yourself!

Love yourself, appreciate yourself every day

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7Don’t suck into the media’s image of a perfect woman or a perfect “figure”. Most of it is farce and the images are edited. Love and accept yourself the way you are. THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU!

Love and accept yourself the way you are.

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8Workout! Not to lose weight, but to stay fight. Fitness must be every woman’s best friend!

Workout best health tip for woman

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9Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Believe Yourself one healthy habit for woman

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10ALWAYS opt for safe sex (most of us do); DO NOT give in to your partner’s demands that ask you to pop the pill or do any of those things!

Opt for safe sex and not pills

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These Healthy Habits For Women could really make a difference!


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