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10 Random Things Every Guy Must Know To Save Trouble In His Life

Every Guy must know
Every Guy must know

Every Guy Must Know

This one took long to assemble, but we know that you are going to thank us at the end of it. These 10 Random Things will literally help you in your everyday conversations and lifestyle habits. Plus, it helps you know a lot of basic stuff for free. It’s not like a life saving formula, but it’s surely something that will help you safe a lot of mess and issues. The post is basically a man-to man- talk! It’s random, crazy and insanely useful. Go on have fun and let every guy know about these 10 Random Things Every Guy Must Know.

1Confidence is the key to everything! It is also the key to screwing everything up! Choose wisely!

 Every Guy Must Know Confidence can make it or break it

Source : Tumblr

2Neat and trimmed fingernails and toenails are a sign of your sexual intelligence.

Every guy must know trimmed fingernails are a sign of sexual intelligence

Source : Buzzfeed

3Always keep a sweater in your car. At some stage your girlfriend/wife is going to feel cold.

sweater in your car

Source : Tumblr

4She isn’t always right! Stick up for yourself, she will appreciate it.

She isn’t always right!

Source : WordPress

5If you know how to cook, you are Sexy (Trust me!)

Cooking Men are sexy

Source : Imgur

6When shaving your Adam’s apple try to swallow and hold it flatter. You won’t cut yourself ever!

Shaving your Adam’s apple

Source : GifWave

7If you have a shirt with a good shade of blue, wear it for a job interview. It always works (Try it!)

Blue shirt for job interview

Source : FunnyHub

8Don’t eat too fast. You end up eating more and it takes longer to digest.

Don’t eat too fast

Source : Tumblr

9Don’t only wear boxers underneath your Tshirt if you are staying for the night at someone’s place (unless it’s only guys!). Believe me you don’t want things to be noticed.  

don't wear boxers on a night stay

Source : Tumblr

10Don’t marry if you don’t want. Period.

Get married when you want to

Source : Crushable

Helpful, right?

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