Hilarious Video Of Azeem Banatwalla On Bollywood Iftaar Parties

East India Comedy is back with Azeem Banatwalla. We have all loved this guy’s representation of Guajratis that went viral on social media. This video has Azeeem Banatwalla On Bollywood Iftaar Parties. Eid is a big deal for the media and Bollywood every year because everyone seems to be waiting for Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan to hug each other. It’s so unfortunate that our country has so many issues to deal with and yet, the media chooses to talk about the Khans in every Eid and turn it into a big deal. Azeem has questioned this and turned it into a hilarious, clap worthy stand up piece for his audience. He is quirky, witty and extremely creative with the whole “hug issue” at Iftaar parties that has captured the collective attention of the nation for no specific genuine reason.

We must say that the new generation stand up comedians not only have a brilliant sense of timing, but also a fantastic gift of keenly observing the media and people in general. The kind of minute details these guys come up with in their stand up acts is pure genius. Plus, these are loaded with sarcasm and bluntly project how distorted and lame our priorities are when it comes to news. We cannot deny our role in popularizing these stories. Agreed that the media over emphasizes on everything, but that happens because we give the story that kind of an attention. Stand up acts today mock these news channels and our excitement at some of the most dumbest news that have sold like hot cakes because they caught our attention. Think before you watch something.

Watch Azeem Banatwalla On Bollywood Iftaar Parties and have a good laugh! Also, ponder on how right this guy is!


Source: East India Comedy

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