The Conjuring 2 official trailer
The Conjuring 2 official trailer

The Conjuring 2 Official Trailer Is Scary In Every Freaking Frame!

When The Conjuring released all horror buffs had a collective orgasm! The Conjuring 2 official trailer alone can give you multiple orgasms if you are into horror flicks. The diaries of Ed and Warren have been a subject of interest for the entire world now given that their true stories/records of evil spirits are turned into films.

The Conjuring 2 official trailer beckons yet another film of dark forces and despair. The location is in London this time and house also holds the same gloomy atmosphere to it. Since it comes from the same team that made the first part, we are sincerely hoping that this installment will be equally good if not more. We are pretty sure that more than the subject and the story, it is the way it must have been treated which will make it a super hit this time round as well.

The film is slated for release in June. It just seems so far! Warner Bros. has definitely up-ed its game this year. Look at the kind of films it is releasing! This could be a bumper year of those guys! The Conjuring 2 official trailer released on the 7th, a day ago, and has already crossed 1 million views. It seems like the entire world thrives on quality horror films.

It has been appreciated and shared across all social media platforms among horror buffs. Of course we didn’t get to see the scary Annabelle this time, but we are hoping there is going to be another evil doll/toy that will more than make up for it. Now all we need to do is restlessly wait for June to show up so that we can throng the theatre with popcorn and watch the horror unfold.

DO NOT miss it for anything, ANYTHING!


Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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