Bed of Dreams: Her Brother Sleeps On The Floor And What She Draws Around Him Is Deeply Emotional

Most of us crib about several things that we want and do not have. While our needs vary from an internet connection to an expensive mobile phone; there are some of us who are just yearning to have what most of us take for granted.

For the underprivileged the discussion isn’t about a burger or a pizza, it’s probably just about sleeping on a bed peacefully. Bed of Dreams is based on this concept. The next time you are upset about something you don’t have, feel blessed that you are born with facilities many can only dream of. Bed of Dreams is a serious eye opener for most of us who take life and several facilities for granted.

We often complain about how our life is unfair and how things could have been better for us. it’s not wrong to aim higher, but in the process we forget to be thankful for the smallest of things that are a luxury for someone else. We probably want a bigger home, a larger bed, but what about someone who doesn’t even have a home or a bed? The video gets us to value the blessings we have today. it’s luck that we are born in a family where the basic necessities are easily available unlike several other unprivileged people. The video will put everything on a pause for you for a while so that you can take a moment and reflect. When you do, you will feel grateful for all that you have and have been blessed with. What we may not find enough is probably not even available to someone else in this world. Let’s make a difference by changing our attitude.

Must watch!


Source: pallavknightfury

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