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11 Reasons Event Management Is A Great Career Option

Event management
Event management course

Event management -11 reasons why it is a good option


There was a time very few people even knew that such a course exists in the education system. Over a period of the last five years, several universities and institutes have started introducing event management courses in their syllabus because of the demand and the power it holds in the market today. If you are still confused whether you must do this course or not, here are reasons that will help you to take an informed decision.



Most of us have seen our parents get in to government jobs or join the “family business”. Very few of us have parents who are in to fields that are not tagged as cliché. Event management offers you a very different career all together. It is unique and quite sort after these days.

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Believe us when we say this, very few jobs can provide you with the kind of thrill and adrenaline rush that event management promises (unless you train people in to bungee jumping!). The planning, backup plans, resources, Oh! We could go on and on.



Find us a field that offers more creativity than event management and we will write an article about you. Whether it is planning a wedding or a one-year olds birthday party, creativity is the key here, and it’s in tons.

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There are hardly any jobs that offer you the scope for travelling as much as event management does. To learn sitting before a computer is one thing and to actually go out and travel is another. Nothing, we repeat, nothing can teach you what travelling can.

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Say you took up weddings as a specialty after the course; do you realize the magnitude and variety of culture our country hosts? You will have the opportunity to not only explore but also know most of these cultures and traditions.



Most people now do not prefer to work under somebody. Event management opens the doors to the world of business like never before. During the course of your internship, if you manage to make the right contact or understand how events are handled in the right way, then you can start your own business very son.



Event management introduces you to the world of glamour very smoothly. Whether it be modeling or acting, one definitely stands a chance to bag a role after this course. Check the profiles of most of the television actors and ad models; they all started their careers with event management. More so, if you are really good at what you do, you stand a chance to get placed for management at the country’s best reality shows.

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Remember what Anushka told Ranveer in Band Baja Baarat? That is absolutely true. While the world complains about unemployment, you will always feel safe. No matter what happens people will get married, children will celebrate their birthdays, corporate bodies will organize annual meetings and functions, reality shows will always air on television and people will go to live concerts. In short you will always be employed.



Why do we say this? Even if you are a freelancer, the variety that event management can provide you in terms of training and management; is rarely found in other fields. Say you assist in a wedding and don’t enjoy it much, you could still try corporate events, parties, conferences etc and see what excites you and you can do all this while making money with the project at hand. Isn’t it awesome?



Unless all other places where you need a particular score to get in to medicine or a bank or a teacher, event management doesn’t follow such a cut off per say. You could have scored a 50 per cent, but if you are creatively inclined and can offer something new to the world of events then you are in.

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In India, we always complain how we are always taught from textbooks and it’s always “oh so boring” theory. Bang! Event management is exactly the opposite. They believe that the best way to learn anything is to practice it and that’s why you will always find yourself on the field than in the classroom. Even when you are in the classroom, the concept is not taught from a book, trainers rather share their experiences with practical activities in the class to explain things in a better way.

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