Daenerys Met Joey

This video is what fan dreams are made of. Daenerys met Joey? How is that even possible? Well, it may not be in the “TV series” world, but it surely can happen in reality!

This is one possibility we didn’t even dare to imagine because well, we thought it is impossible (until now). The two actors met at a popular chat show and Emilia Clarke was definitely the star struck fan who got to sit next to ‘Joey Tribbiani’ and have a word with him.

Her reaction is all of us, really! From the nervous laughs to the giggles and from a super request to do is “How you doin’? to talking to him about the show, Emilia Clarke managed to do everything we’d always want to do if we ever bumped into Matt Le Blanc (only if that happened).

The video went viral immediately over the internet and has entertained F.R.I.E.N.D.S and GOT fans world over. Who’d ever expect these two stars to ever share screen space together? It is definitely one of the cutest videos we have seen lately.

It’s something you’d want to keep watching and sharing. On a lighter note, we wonder how’d it be if these two bumped into each other on their respective shows’ sets? Just imagine Joey dating the unburnt Khalessi. Daenerys met Joey has been the buzzword over the internet ever since. We wanted to know so much more about what Le Blanc thinks of Game of Thrones given the fact that it enjoys similar (rather much more) popularity as F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

This is exactly why we wait for talk shows. They manage to make our dreams come true and sometimes also dish out the impossible. Watch the video over and over. You will thank us later. After all, it isn’t everyday we can say that Daenerys met Joey!

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