Brothers Official Trailer Didn’t Impress Us

Akshay just doesn’t get tired, does he? You could forget the Khans and the other parties, but not this Kumar. He pops up like hot popcorn before us every three months in a brand new avatar. Brothers Official Trailer shows this self made star in a never before experimented Catholic fighter look along with Siddharath Malhotra. A trillion speculations were made about the film’s plot and most seem true. The film circles around the lives of two separated brothers and their careers as fighters. The film also features Jacqueline Fernandez as Akshay’s wife. We are assuming she doesn’t have much to do in it. Brothers Official Trailer didn’t deliver in terms of what we were really expecting out of it. It could be that the plot of the film is quite layered and therefore it looks the way it does. Akshay and Siddharath both have definitely worked very hard on their bodies and characters and yet something really just doesn’t click here. Jackie Shroff looks very impressive and definitely has a key role in the film. The saving grace amidst all this is that fact that Karan Malhotra has directed this film. We are willing to bet on it after Agneepath.

The songs of the film seem to be impressive though, but the film seems like a bad rip off of Warrior. The only way this film could see a possible chance of clicking is if the performances are honest and the directed hasn’t tried to uselessly Indian-ize the film with too many emotions and impossible possibilities in order to suit the Indian palette.

May be Karan Malhotra’s direction will bring in the novelty to this plot that seems quite average. Brothers Official Trailer fell a little short of our expectations, let’s hope we are wrong.


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