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This is probably the most epic proposal we have seen lately! It is genuinely Not Your Average Proposal and that’s what makes it so special. Tyler and Haylee have been dating for almost seven years. However Haylee’s dad passed away a little over a year ago and therefore Tyler couldn’t seek his blessings for the special day. So Tyler asked for permission from all of Haylee’s siblings and also wrote a letter to Haylee’s dad.

This has to be the sweetest proposal ever and we see no reason why any family wouldn’t agree to a guy like Tyler. Finally Tyler proposed the love of his life in Rome and obviously she said yes! It’s genuinely Not Your Average Proposal!

The video has been trending on social media since days. it has given serious relationship goals to couples across the globe. Moreover, the guy’s idea of a proposal was so sweet and unique that it has created pressure on several other guys since their girls now expect something along these lines. Lately proposal videos seem to be the “it” thing on Youtube and Facebook currently. We saw a video of a guy who proposed his girlfriend every day for a year, made a video and finally proposed to her. As if that wasn’t challenging enough for our guys, now there is this video that has taken the sweetness and cuteness quotient to the next level.

We know that this doesn’t usually happen, but we’d really like to see a girl propose to a guy once. It’s unique and something fresh. For once it’d be nice to see the guy getting some air to breathe and the girl taking care of everything to make her man feel special. Anyway for now this one is going to give you major feels.

Have a look!

Source : TribeTyler

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