Old School Dating


The idea of dating is not novel to any one of us. Over the years dating and its rules have changed. In an era when technology rules our lives to the hilt, most of us have now started missing all those beautiful things about old school dating that are lost today. We have surely progressed, but there are some things where “old is gold” suits the best even today. So may be now we have too many options in terms of “finding a date”, but back then, it wasn’t this easy and that sort of made it all the more special. Genuine efforts were made to keep the relationship going. We bring to you seven of the most beautiful things about old school dating that we dearly miss today.


1There were no cell phones!

No cell phones Old School Dating

That’s one relief someone from this generation won’t deny! Yes, it’s better with a cell phone and you can keep touch regularly. But isn’t it annoying when your date is stuck to the phone only or the time when your phone starts ringing just when you are having a moment? Old school dating was free from this kind of stress.

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2There was a genuine effort

There was Genuine Effort in Old School Dating

Things are so easy now, no? If one doesn’t gel with the guy/girl, pick their friend or someone from their social circle. We are so engrossed with our careers and money that dating or sex is just a need that’s all. Whatever happened to progressing with the person and building a life together!

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3You could expect flowers on a date

Flowers on a date Old School Dating

Not that you cannot expect them now, but the chances of that happening are quite thin.

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4Old fashioned mannerisms

Old fashioned mannerisms

Now we know that most of us today don’t want to pull the chairs or hold the door. Plus women don’t even demand that these days, all under the umbrella of feminism. But at least expecting somebody to be polite and attentive isn’t wrong either.

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5No talk on sexual history

Dating in old days had no talk on sexual history

Nobody ever talked about the other’s sexual history on the first date. Now, before the girl/guy is asked out one knows practically everything about the other and sex is on the table from the word “go”! Where is the thrill?

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6The dressing up

Dressing up is important

Most of us do not dress up for a date these days or do we?

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7No Social Media

NO social media



Yes we all love it and are addicted to it, but isn’t it a date spoiler at times? Half the times couples are clicking selfies to post pictures of their “happy relationship” on Facebook, Twitter and the likes. Where is the real conversation, guys?

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Old school dating was magical, isn’t it?

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