Nepal Heroes: A Beautiful Video That Celebrates Humanity

For most media houses, the Nepal earthquake was nothing beyond a catchy headline. And then, when it didn’t seem to provide the kind of “sensationalism” media houses were looking for, they moved on. Nepal still experiences aftershocks. But amidst all this pain, there were Nepal Heroes who risked their lives selflessly for others. They didn’t care if they hailed from a different nationality, they helped selflessly. Nepal Heroes is a beautiful video that celebrates the most honest and pure human spirit of brotherhood. It shows how amidst all the pain and tragedy there is still hope for human life. It tells the tale of how tragedy brings humans together like never before. Nepal Heroes is a video that will help you see Hope in absolute Disparity.

Amidst all the issue that is going on with the people of Nepal suffering and the insensitive attitude of the Indian Media that has shocked everyone, this video shows you what must be our priority today. And that is just one- to help these people recover from the kind of loss we cannot even fathom. It’s not only a loss of lives, it’s the loss of their livelihood and their heritage. The place relied on tourism to a great extent and all of that is lost today. It’s about having empathy and not sympathy. It’s about realizing that we could have been in their place too, but luck made all the difference. The video addresses all of these issues and points and inspires us to donate and help our neighbours. Like they say, “Neighbours are first relatives.” Let’s make an effort to make a difference in this most tragic time for Nepal.

The video will leave you extremely emotional and touched. Nepal Heroes is worth a look!


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