Shaandaar Trailer – Shahid Kapoor & Alia Bhatt


It’s here finally! Shaandaar trailer lives up to it’s name and our expectations. It is “shaandaar” indeed. First up Shahid and Alia look smashing together; we loved Shahid’s hairdo. Do we even need to tell you how good actors both of them are? The highlight of Shaandaar trailer for us is the hilarious-adorable chemistry between Shahid and his super dad Pankaj Kapoor. We have high hopes for this one. It’s peppy, romantic, funny and just so modern and fresh! This one is going to be watched on repeat until sleep hits us tonight and then will be replayed in the dreams.

We guess the only competition this film might have to face is with Steve Jobs. Now given the fact that it’s a Hollywood movie, Shaandaar is surely going to get a huge opening. Moreover Alia-Shahid pair gave us heart eyes. Look at them! Plus, Shahid plays a wedding planner; that’s something we have never seen Shahid play before. And since Pankaj Kapoor plays Alia’s dad and someone who seems to be keeping a close watch on his daughter and the man who is trying to charm her, we know it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

We are waiting for their song “Gulaabo”. We have heard so much about the choreography, treatment, music and Alia’s moustache look; we are feeling restless already. Now with Shahid on Jhalak Dikh La ja, we know that he is going get Alia on board for the film. In short there is lots to look forward to as far as the film is concerned. Shahid’s hair do is trending among guys already. It has become the new “it” for men’s fashion.

Shaandaar trailer bring over the movie already, we cannot wait any longer now!

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