Narendra Modi pushes Mark Zuckerberg
Narendra Modi pushes Mark Zuckerberg

Narendra Modi Pushes Mark Zuckerberg; Proves His Eternal Love For Cameras

Narendra Modi pushes Mark Zuckerberg to clear the frame and that’s selling like hot cakes today.

India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi recently met Facebook founder and CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and people from both the countries went bonkers. Soon enough, India witnessed an after effect of that meet when Mr. Zuckerberg changed his profile picture into a tricolour in order to support “Digital India”; which is essentially something that Mr. Modi is trying to bring about here. If you were to check any Indian’s Facebook profile today, you’d find their profile picture into a tricolor to support a digital India.

Now, we know you must be wondering what does this have to do with camersa and Modi; a lot apparently. The viral videos that have been circulating lately suggest exactly why. So while all of us are closely following Mr. Modi’s Silicon Valley and Facebook HQ trip, an interesting video has surfaced proving the Prime Minister’s eternal love for the cameras. You will find in the video Mr. Mark Zuckerberg blocking the frame as Mr. Modi was posing for pictures with a lady. The next thing you know, Narendra Modi pushes Mark Zuckerberg to clear the frame for the cameras. Mark Zuckerberg is then found smiling awkwardly and straightening his suit while Modi smiled and posed for the cameras with the lady.

The video was posted by Hisham Abbas on Facebook went viral within minutes and everyone’s talking about how Narendra Modi pushes Mark Zuckerberg all for the love of cameras.

We believe that one doesn’t really need to read more into this by sensationalizing it or calling Mr. Modi “rude”. This is just a video that needs to be watched, laughed at and be forgotten. In depth analysis of incidents like these does no good to anyone.

Although, with the kind of attention this video is getting we wouldn’t be surprised if Narendra Modi pushes Mark Zuckerberg starts trending. If there is ever an ambassador for the cameras/selfies; it has to be you, sir!



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