Benjen Stark Returns on Game of Thrones

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Benjen Stark Returns On Game of Thrones

All of us waited and voted for Lady Stoneheart whenever the mere phrase of a character returning on GOT was mentioned. But in the latest episode Benjen Stark returns on Game of Thrones right at the moment when Bran and Meera needed help.

After the White Walkers continued chasing those two and the disastrous moment when we lost Hodor forever (screams internally), Benjen Stark’s entry on the show came as some good news for Bran who lost all of his allies.

For those of us who have forgotten about Benjen Stark, allow us to remind you that he is the younger brother of Ned Stark. And just like in any royal family, the elder son inherits the castle and therefore Benjen Stark left for the Night’s Watch. He escalated to new heights at Castle Black and soon became the first ranger at the Night’s Watch. The last time we saw him, he left the Night’s Watch “to go North” and had vanished from the show ever since.

Benjen Stark returns on Game of Thrones might be great news for fans especially since (presumably) most of us are supporting “The Starks”. Now what implications does his return have? Here are a few.

In the books Benjen Stark is known as “Coldhands” who helps Sam and Gilly. He is also one of the strongest allies of the three-eyed Raven. Soon, Coldhands begins guiding Bran, Meera, Jojen and Hodor to the three-eyed Raven. And that’s when Bran notices that Coldhands never shows his face, doesn’t eat. drink or sleep and that’s when he realizes that Coldhands is dead. He manages to take them to the three-eyed Raven inĀ A Storm of Swords and that is that.

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This holds a major significance in the show as well. Benjen Stark is in fact killed by the White Walkers who was then revived by the children of the forest. Therefore, he isn’t exactly a White Walker (in the cruel way), but he isn’t alive as well. Chances are also that he is the one who probably hid the dragon class and the horns in the snow that helped Samwell later on.

This clearly goes out to show that Benjen Stark was the secret ally of the three-eyed Raven and collectively they worked towards ending the White Walkers army. He definitely will have some crucial information about them and can always assist the Stark army when they get on with the battle.

Benjen Stark returns on Game of Thrones is definitely trendingĀ on social media for a hell lot of reasons and theories therefore.

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