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10 Images Of Elderly Couples Getting Married Proclaim That It’s Never Too Late

Elderly Couples Getting Married
Elderly Couples

Elderly Couples Getting Married 


Most of us probably have a set an age limit (or it has been set for us) when we think of marriage. Getting married is usually on the agenda when we feel we are ready to settle down which is usually in our late twenties or early thirties. But that’s not how things are usually. There is no age to love or marriage; this is essentially what these pictures of Elderly Couples Getting Married will show you. They aren’t just beautiful or cute; they instill that faith in most of us that it’s never too late to fall in love or to find that special one. Whether you are young or elderly, there is always time for love and for getting married. Here, we bring you beautiful stories of Elderly Couples Getting Married in the most romantic way possible! Get ready for the feels!


Alton Nicholas (91) and Betty Hall (84) Getting Married after finding each other at Senior Living Complex.

Elderly Couples Getting Married

They had a rather rushed wedding during World War 2 and got a real wedding now.

Elderly World War Couples Getting Married

Aren’t these two extremely adorable?!

Elderly Couples Getting Married

98 year old Ted finally got to marry his sweetheart from a long time!

Elderly Couples Getting Married

They were divorced for 48 years and then remarried. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Elderly Couples Getting Married

Years back, they had their first kiss and parted ways. 75 years later they got married. How good was that kiss?!

older couples getting married later in life

They are Britain’s oldest bride and groom. They met at a daycare centre and got married a month later.

Marrying Older Wiser And Happier

These guys are so cute!

Married at an old age

These darlings were engaged for 53 years before they tied the knot. Incredible!

Happily married at an old age

Ellen and Terry’s chemistry could give a young couple a run for their money!

Elderly Couples Getting Married

Love is beyond age and boundaries!


h/t and image source: Boredpanda.com

happy married couples

Gif image source: Tumblr

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