Underwater Plane Graveyard Images – WWII


None of us remember World War 2 as a happy occasion and these images will reinforce our impressions about that war. Most of us don’t know that there is an Underwater Plane Graveyard in the Pacific Ocean where most of the airplanes’ wrecks were discarded after the World War. Since then it is known as the Plane Graveyard of the Pacific Ocean. Brandi Mueller, a scuba diving instructor and a boat captain took these pictures and they are spine chilling. It’s absolutely weird to see Planes all buried underwater turning the whole thing into a wrecked graveyard. It is said that planes didn’t crash there, but were discarded in the water ultimately since transferring them to United States was quite expensive.

Thankfully we have never witnessed a war for real. Our imagination takes us in the wild when we imagine what a war and war machines would look like for real. And then to watch these machines lying down under water all distorted and shattered. It’s one of those moments that cannot be defined and only felt. Who would have thought that these air crafts would meet this kind of an end. We usually assume these to crash or fire and end lives. But here they are meeting their destiny. It’s the hard and cruel picture of what war does to mankind and nature. In spite of everything, it’s also on how nature takes everything into its shelter.

Here are exclusive pictures of what it looks 130 feet below the surface.


Silent Deep waters!

Underwater Plane Graveyard In Pacific ocean

The kind of things Mother Nature keeps hidden.

Underwater Plane Graveyard In Pacific ocean

Mankind is responsible too for abusing nature!

Underwater Plane Graveyard In Pacific ocean

Extremely poignant!

world war 2 planes beneath the ocean

And life thrives against all odds!

 World War II planes graveyard

Just horrible and a little scary!

 World War II planes in the ocean


 World War II planes in the ocean

Somehow it reminds us of Titanic.

 World War II planes beneath the ocean

Reduced to nothingness!

World War II planes debris

When nature takes over!

World War II planes beneath the ocean

Shocking, isn’t it?

h/t: Mashable.com

All images source from Brandi Mueller

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