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Nepal: Young Love Birds Found True Love in Tragedy

Nepal Love
Nepal love image courtesy NDTV

Nepal: Young Love Birds Found True Love in Tragedy

Love knows no boundaries. Literally! Amidst all the pain that Nepal is going through right now, this young couple saw love transcend into something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. When Nepal suffered Mother Nature’s rage, these two were the victims too. But for them, the earthquake has probably cemented a lifelong loving relationship for them and their families. Ramila and Sanjib, (two young lovers from Nepal) never really expected things to turn this awry when they decided to meet on the dreadful day. As their families were unaware about their relationship, both made some excuse and decided to spend the day together. As fate would have it, they chose Dharahara Tower in Kathmandu. The tower gives a beautiful view of Nepal and both were excited. Unfortunately just when they climbed the 18th floor and hoped to catch the spectacular view, Nepal witnessed earth’s brutal rage. Everything started moving and things got out of control within seconds. Before the couple could even react, they found themselves falling off the tower and lost consciousness the moment their heads hit the ground. Both suffered head and back injuries; luckily it wasn’t complicated and they were safe. The doctors and staff at the hospital in Nepal often teased both of them amidst all their blushing.

It’s so beautiful that they both looked out for each other and inquired about the other’s health; the moment consciousness hit their brains. Nepal, which has witnessed one of the worst earthquakes ever still, has very strong survival stories to narrate to the world. Incidents like these probably keep us going in the face of so many fears and absolute hopeless situations. Hope, love, humanity and the sense of ‘being there’ are commendable examples of what mankind can do if it joined hands world over. As far as these two are concerned, they have found love for life right there during Nepal’s tragedy. It’s so heart warming to know that love always finds a way to change lives even in despair.

We hope Nepal recovers from this disaster soon. India is with Nepal in this time of tragedy.

(Cover Image sourced from NDTV)

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