The Flip Side; A Short Film On How Women Use The Law To Harass Men


We usually watch videos and films that project women as the victim and men as the perpetrators. But that’s not the reality always. The Flip Side shows you the other side of the story where women use the law, which is made to protect them, to harass innocent men. You may find this strange and shocking, but just like rape and molestation; this too is a harsh reality. Men too are victims of heinous crimes committed by women. The Flip Side is not another attempt to get more views or to create a greater rift between the two genders. The Flip Side tries to neutralize the crime and show you how crime doesn’t really have a gender and any of us could fall prey to it. With so many of us supporting women and their safety, it’s equally important not to ignore if somewhere innocent men are paying a heavy price for these laws.

India recently witnessed this for real in Jasleen Kaur case. The girl blamed an innocent guy of misbehaving with her, molesting her and warning her of “worse” if she didn’t keep her mouth shut. Initially several supported her until it came out that the girl was guilty after an eye-witnesses statement. What such women don’t understand is that their five minutes of fame could cause trouble for a woman who is genuinely abused. Incidents like these can lead to questioning and doubting the victims and put down the name of women. The video has been appreciated by everyone barring a few who don’t take a second to blame men for everything.

Good someone came out and spoke on how women too misuse the law to harass men. All men aren’t culprits and all women aren’t innocent.


Source: MEN Male Empowerment Network

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