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7 Signs You Are A Highly Confident Woman

Confident Woman
Confident Woman

Confident Woman

Everything has a sign. Sometimes (actually all the time) actions have a stronger say about your personality than what you say about yourself. A confident woman isn’t somebody who will keep saying that she is confident; it’s in her actions, how she embraces life and how she deals with her problems that make her what she is. She doesn’t need to be a working woman to be confident, that spark will always be a part of her in spite of all odds. If you feel you are a confident woman, you will definitely have these traits that make you unique and different.

 1You don’t believe in baseless justifications

confident women don’t believe in baseless justifications

You know your business and you know how good you are. If people don’t get you and if they comment about your lifestyle or the decisions you make; you are not taken over by the innate need to justify your stand. You are confident about what you want to be and you know that time will show it.


2You are extremely secure in your relationship

confident women are extremely secure in your relationship

If you aren’t single, you are the kind of woman who doesn’t call the man “to check on him”, you don’t doubt his intentions and you don’t accuse him of baseless affairs all the time. You are extremely secure and that radiates in your relationship. Your relationship is usually enviable.


3You like to spend some time alone

Underrated Life pleasure in having chilled water

Loneliness doesn’t scare you. Rather you like it. You like to spend time with yourself. You aren’t craving for attention from anyone.


4You don’t find the need to praise yourself

confident women don’t find the need to praise yourself

You don’t go about narrating your golden adventures to the world. You enjoy success with your loved ones and don’t believe in making a show about it. Usually people do the talking for you. You are that good!


5You don’t follow media/society’s image of a woman

Cinfident woman dont follow media's image of a woman

You have the brains to know that the media doesn’t do anything without/for money. You don’t suck into the concept of how and what a woman should be. You have your own opinions about that and you reason with them always.


6You DON’T hate men

Confident woman dont hate men

Very, very important! A confident woman never hates men. She understands that all men aren’t as bad as the “women world” sees them. You just don’t hate people because they are a different gender.


7You Voice your opinions

Confident Woman voice your opinions

You are unapologetic! You are ashamed of the way you feel about things and opinionate whenever you want to.


Well, that’s all we have got. If you have more, write to us in the comments box. And if this post defines you and the women in your life, share!

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