Maisie Williams tweets about GOT season 8

Maisie Williams Tweets About GOT Season 8

So it is a regular day, you grab your cup of coffee and get on Twitter. And suddenly Maisie William’s tweets manage to do a better job at ‘waking you up’ instead of that coffee. Apparently she managed to read the script for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and what she shared about it has put us in serious doubts about the fate of several characters in this show.

Maisie Williams tweets about GOT season 8 has been the buzz word ever since. And in spite of the fact that it has been over 48 hours since the tweets, they haven’t died out. There are media reports of Jason Momoa chilling with the makers of GOT at a pub in Ireland and that has raised too many eyebrows. Reports of Momoa a.k.a Khal Drogo returning to GOT have been doing the rounds. Why else would he be in Ireland which is the base camp for GOT?

More on that later. Kit Harington was asked what he feels about season 8 and he said he hasn’t received a script yet. How come he doesn’t have one yet when Williams is screaming fire standing over the roof?! Anyway, he did mention that season 8 looks quite gloomy to him and he feels that too many deaths are going to come our way before the skies clear out for a bright summer.

Coming back to Maisie Williams tweets about GOT season 8, they are so much more than a mere warning. At a stage she warned us that we must be prepared and then went back to saying ‘nothing is going to prepare you.’ And this has been the end of us officially!








Is Arya going to kill off everyone on her list and come up with a new one? Will Jon ever find out about his parents? Will Sansa marry Baelish? Will Jaimie kill Cersei? What the hell is Jon Snow’s real name anyway?

So many questions!

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