ISIS Got Trolled By Muslims On Twitter


This is not just hilarious, but also a moment of absolute pride. ISIS got trolled by Muslims on Twitter after it released a video threatening severe harm to the United States. From a time when we couldn’t even imagine responding to these terrorist groups and risking our lives, people are now coming out in the open and challenging these groups. What the Muslims world over did with these trolls is to make a statement. The first one being that it isn’t this easy to brain wash every Muslim into doing what they want them to do. Secondly, they proved for all of us that terrorism doesn’t have a religion. Whatever they do is not what God wants. ISIS got trolled by Muslims on Twitter so badly that something that was put up as a warning, turned into something absolutely hilarious.

It all started with a video that was put up by the terrorist organization in Arabic. It was translated by someone and it was a request they made that invited intense trolls from every corner of the world. ISIS requested all Muslims to join them and prove a statement to the world. This was enough for all trollers to get on board and take ISIS’ case big time.

Some of the tweets weren’t only witty, but also extremely hilarious. From some tweets that responded to the video with a simple yet creative NO to others who disclosed their plans for the year; the tweets were filled with ROFL worthy responses.

It isn’t only funny, but also a moment of immense pride for the entire world! We don’t take a moment before branding the entire Muslim community in the most evil way possible. These tweets are proof to how incorrect and judgemental we are. It is high time we join hands putting aside caste, race, gender and religion and fight terrorism.

It sounds book-ish, I know, but what’s wrong in trying right?

Here are some of the tweets we loved!

Few Volunteers showed some Interest 

and trollers are back again

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