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New Game Of Thrones Image By HBO Revealed The Worse Sansa Stark Spoiler Ever!


Sansa Stark Spoiler


There is a Sansa Stark spoiler in the image that HBO released recently from season 6. Many of us didn’t notice any of it initially because the image wasn’t included in the official 24 images that were released two days back.

If there is one character who has been through seven hells and more; it is Sansa Stark. Not to say that others haven’t, but this girl got so miserable after a point, “we chose to see her dead than see her suffer”, said many. First Joffrey, then her terrible aunt, Baelish, Ramsay Bolton and the incomprehensible rape and abuse she was put through! It just wasn’t just too much for her, but all of us as well. When Sophie Turner spoke about how “Sansa takes control in Season 6” we celebrated. But what HBO has done now is irreparable! This is the biggest Sansa Stark spoiler ever!

So all of us saw this image and rejoiced that Sansa And Theon have survived the fall.

Sansa Stark spoiler
Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy

Image Source

Yes, there is enough reason to rejoice, we agree. But there is one more image that is making us extremely uncomfortable!

Sansa Stark spoiler
Is she pregnant?

Image Source

Did you notice the baby bump? Is she pregnant? NOOOOOOOOO! This has to be the worst thing to happen to Sansa if it is true. The world is discussing this right now and everyone’s bringing up some of the most insane theories on how this could change things. Having Ramsay’s heir in her womb is going to be a massive shocker. The poor girl isn’t getting a break at all!

Several believe that it could be her hands under the dress. But one of the ’24’ images released clears that doubt.

Sansa Stark spoiler
Sansa Stark

Image Source

It could be a different angle, but we aren’t too sure. Moreover the picture with the baby bump wasn’t released by HBO in the ’24 images set’ but rather as an exclusive picture on the ‘HBO Game of Thrones Blog’

Now why do you need to make this picture exclusive HBO? just why? What are we to make out of this? This is utterly depressive. How is going to kick ass now?

Let’s pray this isn’t true.

Sansa Stark spoiler

Image Source

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