Circus Artist Couple Takes Breathtaking Photos


In 2007, Richard and Ashlee met for the first time at the Rock School for Dance Education in Philadelphia. Both chose circus as a career later on and got engaged. Today, this Circus Artist Couple travels the world and has takes breathtaking photos. In most pictures Ashlee stands on Richard’s head and the stunts literally look death defying. They are absolutely comfortable in performing these aerobatic tricks any place, any time! The Circus Artist Couple has already garnered a lot of praise and attracted a lot of attention from tourists and people world over with their unique poses and styles of photography. Insanely stunning is the phrase we are looking for here.



Circus Artist Couple warming up for a photo shoot at new york

All dressed to impress!

Circus Artist Couple tying to hold the eiffel tower

It gets us to appreciate the guy so much more for the way he balances the whole act!

Circus Artist Couple at a shop


Circus Artist Couple on a walk with their dog


Circus Artist Couple at opera garnier

Oh man!

Richard and ashlee at a beach

Toes pointed and all. It seems so effortless!

Richard and ashlee at london


Richard and ashlee mountain view


Richard Hankes Ashlee Rose Montague

We like the artists more than the sculpture!

Richard Hankes Ashlee Rose Montague

A creative way to kiss this one!

Richard and ashlee  creative kiss

This Circus Artist Couple definitely gave us a different set of Relationship Goals!


You can check out Richard and Ashlee’s website

Facebook page

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