New Titan Raga Ad
New Titan Raga Ad

The New Titan Raga Ad

Titan has been enthralling us with its creative ads for years now. There isn’t anything new if we said we are smitten by the new Titan Raga Ad. But what’s poignant about this particular ad is its treatment and message.

Most of us (irrespective of our gender), are in a hurry to pass judgements about practically anything. Whether it be someone’s dress or what they are having for lunch; it doesn’t take a minute for us to decide who they are and what kind of people they must be like. This is even worst when we rope in the work environment scenario. If a woman progresses in her career, we are quick to judge that she has slept her way through it. If she doesn’t do well; we believe she isn’t bold enough to make decisions, is timid and therefore she isn’t fit for the job.

What is disturbing is the fact that most women aren’t credited for their knowledge or experience. Their achievements are judged on the basis of their looks, clothes and age. The new Titan Raga ad addresses these issues in less than two minutes and boy they are good! It isn’t just about the men either. Like I mentioned before, it is practically every man and woman who doesn’t take a moment to ponder upon a woman’s hard work.

Their hashtag #BreakTheBias is already making waves over the internet. The ad has been loved and shared on all social media platforms by fans. They cannot get enough of the brilliant Titan ads.

The new Titan Raga ad is the perfect ode to every misjudged hard working woman who struggles every day to see to it that her work gets appreciated rather than the way she looks and what she wears.

Well done, Titan!

Happy Women’s Day Ladies!


Source: Titan Watches

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