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#HollyShit Hilarious Video on Bollywood Animals

Bollywood Funny Animals
Bollywood Funny Animals

#HollyShit Hilarious Video on Bollywood Animals

We all love animals and always stand up to protect them. But if you have a look at Bollywood and they way it projects animals, it’s going to leave you in splits. HollyShit is back! (yaaay!) with this hilarious video that shows you clippings of the “superpowers” animals are given in Bollywood movies. This video will leave you in splits and totally question the logic of Bollywood movie makers and the sanity of your elders for actually liking most of these films. The video is a living example of the kind of madness that went about in Bollywood movies based that had animals as characters. The video shows us the extent to which any kind of madness found its place in Bollywood. We are not against animal characters in the film, what we are looking for is logic, some theory that makes most these things believable. But it does seem like we are expecting too much from Bollywood because logic and Bollywood cannot go hand-in hand. In the absence of logic, either it can be dumb or hilarious. These Bollywood films are both insane and hilarious. Please don’t plan to find any rationality or reason in what you watch in these films. Team Hollyshit has tried to find reason here and that has managed to “up” the humour quotient here. HollyShit aced it again. We guarantee there are certain films here that you haven’t even watched; in fact you don’t even know they exist. The editing of the video, the clips selected and the fantastic commentary (as always) will take you on a laughter riot you will fall in love with. We genuinely need more such videos so that the film makers get a hint as to what works and what absolutely doesn’t ever work for us!

Give it a watch; you won’t be disappointed! Well done HollyShit!


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