Shah Rukh Khan 23 Years: The Actor Thanks His Fans On Twitter

The country recently congratulated Shah Rukh Khan for completing 23 years in the film industry. It was one of the hottest trends on twitter. Reverting the love for all his fans on Twitter and otherwise, Shah Rukh Khan shot a video thanking them for the same. In the video Shah Rukh Khan 23 Years, the actor thanks every fan for supporting him throughout these 23 years of his career. The superstar didn’t only thank his fans for being there, but also for criticizing him when he didn’t deliver on their expectations. Now that’s some actor, isn’t he? The King of Romance appreciated the love and support of his fans and expects it to be with him all his life. You bet, Shah Rukh Khan; we love you! Shah Rukh Khan 23 Years will bring a smile on every fan’s face that has stood by his films all these years. Do not miss this one!


Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

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