Typographic Portraits Of Popular Singers


You must have seen typographic portraits of artists before. What’s new here is what you might think while you have hopped on to this page. Well, a lot is new and impressive about this one! We have no words for this one (an irony that he has used words for the portraits)! This is the stuff that makes our job worthwhile after hours of getting glued to the internet. These typographic portraits of popular singers are unique and par excellence not because they look brilliant. Look closer and you will find that these typographic portraits of popular singers are designed using their song lyrics. Who could have thought words could draw pictures our eyes had never seen. We love the play of the words here because the idea intrinsically binds the artist to his/her songs. These bewitching typographic portraits of popular singers are created by Sean Williams.

And just as you might begin to think that this is only for singers and the same can be done for actors too; hold your breath! There is also a surprise for Breaking Bad fans since he has created those posters using their popular dialogues. We would surely want to see more of Sean’s work along these lines. May be he can put up something with F.R.I.E.N.D.S! We would love that! You can also by these from his online store. We have put a link in the end of this article that will direct you to the store. Have a look!


1Jay Z


2Kayne West


3Justin Timberlake






6Bruno Mars


7Harry Styles




9Jesse Pinkman

Magic with words!

Keep sharing this until it reaches these artists. They really need to give this one a look. We know they wouldn’t have seen something this incredible before!

You can check out Sean’s Website and buy his posters here.

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