India vs bangladesh
quarter finals india vs bangladesh


While we all are reveling in the glory of the Indian team’s winning streak at the Cricket World Cup and mocking other teams in our ads, Bangladesh seems to have an answer to that. Since the time the World Cup kick started in Australia, “mauka” is one word that started trending immediately as India started defeating one team after the other in its attempt to keep the cup won in 2011. With every team that was scheduled for a match against India, we saw a couple of natives from the opposing teams offering a box of crackers to an Indian to celebrate victory. Bangladesh has openly challenged this one openly using history to put down the Indian time. The video shows a series of matches that India lost against Bangladesh and also challenges India’s #Won’t give it Back.



It’s natural any team would get offended by the Indian team’s promotional ads on Star Sports. We did expect a similar reaction from the team. After all every team requires a certain boost from its people and the media for any sport. And then when it’s Cricket and that too against India; any encouragement is good encouragement. Unless and until all of this is done in the spirit of the game; it’s all healthy. This isn’t the only video either. If you were to check youtube, you’d find several fan made videos from all countries that mock India or support it. Seems like the Cricket World Cup this time isn’t just about the teams; it’s also about the nation and ardent fans of cricket. There have been wars among fans online to prove why their country is better than the other and this video stands as a sole example of that.

Bangladesh is clearly sending out a message that it’s not an underdog team and doesn’t want anyone to treat it like one. India’s performance by far has been stunning. Every Indian sits proud before the television after every match today. Well, with the quarter finals beginning from the 18th of March, we must say that Bangladesh has set the perfect mood. It’s going to be a challenging match from the looks of things. We hope Dhoni and the boys smash these guys. Let’s hope they don’t take anything for granted and deliver their best like always. It’s war time folks! Good luck team India! Jai Ho!