Jon Snow the King in the North

There is certain pride we feel every time we enunciate this line. “Jon Snow the king in the north”; something we hoped for too long and waited even longer to see that happen (courtesy all the killing and reviving and the countless wars). But now, Jon Snow is definitely sitting on the throne in the North and before we begin piling heaps of expectations on him again, let’s take a moment to celebrate our true king in the North.

This video, is a perfect tribute to the most humble bad ass character we have in Game of Thrones. The video includes flashes from the past and the present with the most explosive dialogues from characters in the background. Catelyn Stark’s words still haunt us (to this date!) and we just cannot fathom how things would have been for her if she was alive to see this day. An ideal queen and a loving wife whose heart as broken into a million pieces when her husband brought home a baby boy he claimed was his bastard. She blamed him for that all his life (and her life) and then now to find out that Jon Snow is actually the son of her long gone sister-in-law, Lyanna! We cannot describe the agony and ecstasy of that moment for Lady Stark. But alas none of that is happening! Jon Snow the king in the north is a reminder into everything that transpired on the show before we got to see our favourite bastard (not even sure if he is one any more; Lyanna and Rhaegar could be married) rule the North.

The video has received a a big thumbs up from fans world over and it gas become one of the ‘must watch videos’ on social media currently.

All hail Jon Snow the king in the north!


Source: TheGaroStudios

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