My First Period; A Must Watch Video For Every Indian Woman

My First Period; the moment you say that, we are sure every Indian woman is going to have a flashback of memories on how it was. Old Delhi Films came up with a video where woman shared about how it really was and their replies are going to shock you. Most of them claimed that they didn’t know anything. Their mothers hadn’t prepared them for it and a few said that they knew all about it from their friends and therefore never had a talk with their mothers on the same. My First Period doesn’t only record the experiences of women when they got their period for the first time, it also questions all the taboos associated with it. Women aren’t allowed to pray, touch the pickle jar or eat a particular item because they are menstruating. And these are uneducated women, mind you! And yet many complained about how their life and the environment around them have changed since they got their period. One of the best statements we liked came from this girl who said, “People celebrate pregnancy, but they don’t celebrate periods. They must because periods eventually lead to pregnancy.”

It’s very inspiring to see that women today don’t shy away from the camera when someone mention’s about period. From a time when sanitary napkins used words like “un dino may”, we now hear the word “Period” loud and clear in the ads. There has been a definite change in the system and the society’s mindset. But we still have a long way to go and this video tells you exactly why. Perhaps when we have daughters, we will have a very different approach to the topic of menstruation.


My First Period is a must watch!



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