Ireland Ghost creates havoc in kitchen
Ireland Ghost creates havoc in kitchen

Scary Viral Video (Poltergeist): Ireland Ghost Creates Havoc In Kitchen

Ashy Murphy of Cork, Ireland, posted a video of a Poltergeist damaging her kitchen. The Ireland Ghost creates havoc by swinging the light bulbs, kitchen cabinets and pushing buckets in the lady’s direction. When she posted the video on the 22nd of September, 2015 on Facebook she said she will “have to move” as the Ireland Ghost creates havoc every other day. It is making it extremely difficult for her to live in her apartment.

The video went viral instantly claiming the top place on Facebook trends currently. The video showing how the Ireland Ghost creates havoc in the lady’s kitchen has been viewed over 11 million times. This is a record in itself. Moreover, several people have suggested via various social media platforms that she needs to call a priest and get her house blessed. Many believe that moving out is in her best interest. Few are debating on the logistics of the video calling it a hoax. Whether the video is original or not that isn’t our subject. What matters is the kind of response the video showing how the Ireland Ghost creates havoc is receiving.

There have been several videos fluttering on Youtube that show Poltergeists throwing things around and turning the place upside down. But this one is the first real time video that shows no edits and projects the scenario as it was in real. The last 5 seconds of the video may get you to skip a heartbeat. It’s all scary, sudden and extremely lethal. We’d surely stand by Ashy’s decision to move out. This is surely not a place where you can live in peacefully. We are still wondering how she managed to live there until now. Here’s hoping Ashy finds a better “non-scary” home sooner than soon.

If you ever wanted to watch a ghost activity in real time, here is your chance. Give it a look. We don’t take any responsibility if you lose your sleep.


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