The living room holds an important place in any house. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is where guests are introduced to your house, conversations start, and special occasions are celebrated. It is where bonds and memories are made. As such, every living room needs a conversation starter which is going to be the center of attention of the living room décor. Why not make the focal point of your living room the center table?

The perfect center table is often what you would need to round off the overall décor of your living room. The table can be used to showcase your accessories, a surface to stack magazines, or function as a coffee table. 

When it comes to selecting the right center table, you have to pay attention to both function and form. It should be trendy enough to grab the attention of your guests and utilitarian enough to function as a place to keep coffee mugs or flower vases. 

For some inspiration, take a look at the below coffee table designs

1Wooden center tables 

Wooden center tables are popularly found in indoor settings and it never goes out of style. Center tables made of Sheesham, teak, or walnut wood are timeless in appearance and aesthetically pleasing. These tables showcase an elegant finish and a robust texture that can withstand a few years of wear and tear. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, you can find wooden center tables in decorative styles. For instance, curvaceous wood in the center table. You can head to a furniture showroom in Kolkata to check out more art-inspired, decorative center tables. 

2Center tables made of glass 

Glass center tables are another extremely popular option and it resonates with the minimalistic design aesthetics of modern homes. Glass center tables are coveted for their sophisticated look and sheen. For durability, glass tabletops come in a combination of wood or metal. 

Glass center tables are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can also find art-inspired glass center tables where the glass tabletop is supported on a piece of art.

3Center tables on wheels 

Industrial-style inspired center tables are a huge rage among modern homeowners nowadays. These tables are designed to mimic fine lines and minimalism, along with wheels and metal studs. This helps to augment the functionality of the table. 

Since the tables come with wheels, you don’t have to worry about changing the position of the table. You can simply push the table to do the needful. You can find embellished center tables with wheels showcasing myriad styles and designs

4Abstract center table 

Typically, center tables are shaped as a square or rectangle. It can even be round or oval. However, these are common shapes and you’ll find it in every second home that has a center table. You want to be unique and different, right?

You need to turn your attention to the center tables showcasing abstract designs and styles. This will help to give your living room a character and personality of its own which reflects your personality. You can choose from an exceptional mix of metal, logs, and textures to make sure that the center table stands out while complementing the overall décor of your living room. 

The abstract center table might be cut in unusual designs and shapes. It might be inspired by the latest trends across the world and designed in geometric shapes that are not seen generally. You might even find center tables in bohemian designs. It can be in any material of your choice and may even come in colors and patterns

5Marble center tables 

Center tables with marble tops appear royal and augment your living room décor instantly. Solid marbles are polished to make these center tables and they’re resistant to liquid spillage and dust. These tables are also resistant to heat. You can even find these in various shapes to satisfy your specific preferences

6Center tables with display sections 

Center tables that come with display sections typically come with a glass tabletop. The display section is just under the glass top and it can be removed so that you can show off your collectibles or much-loved accessories. You can display pebbles, stamps, small statuettes, or other items that you would want your guests to notice when they’re sitting down from the table.

7Metal center tables 

If your living room has a vintage and old charm, you need to get a center table in Kolkata that will complement the décor. While wooden center tables are also classy, a lot of modern homeowners are opting for metal center tables due to their glaze and chic texture. Moreover, metal tables are extremely durable and can give your home an everlasting aesthetic appeal. Metal center tables can be found in a wide range of colors so that your living room’s décor is matched perfectly. 

8Minimalist center tables 

As already mentioned, modern homeowners are all about simple, clean lines and minimalism in terms of design. This is why minimal center tables are getting quite popular and can be seen in many homes. The designs are simple and balanced which helps to bring a sense of harmony to the overall living space. Such tables are crafted with the bare necessities of life, and therefore, the designs are extremely simple and elegant. 

So, it is time to get rid of your boring center table and bring home a table that exudes character and personality. If you are still confused, you can visit a furniture showroom in Kolkata to peruse the collection and get a better idea. While shopping for a center table, keep in mind the décor of your living room or whichever room you plan to keep the table. 

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