Aspen, Colorado is stunningly beautiful and there’s no better way to see it than by bike. If you’d like to bike Aspen this season, download a good bike trip app and use this handy guide to begin your planning and preparations.

1Mountain Biking in Aspen

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Aspen and bicycles is mountain biking. At an altitude of 7,820 feet, Aspen has enough mountains to satisfy just about anyone. There are plenty of trails to accommodate all levels of mountain biking ability.
  1. Beginning: The Lincoln Creek Road is densely wooded with lovely views. It’s a fairly gentle ride perfect for those with less experience. The Rio Grande Trail has a crushed gravel surface and is another good beginner option.
  2. Intermediate: The Smuggler Mountain Trail starts with a climb but then levels out with a connection to Hunter Creek Valley. It offers a good combination of challenging and scenic riding.
  3. Advanced: For the most skilled bikers, the Government Trail is full of exciting single-track and climbs

2Road Biking in Aspen

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There’s more to Aspen than mountains. Road biking is also popular here, and it’s the perfect place to try out your new women’s 26 inch hybrid bike or your nice men’s 21-speed hybrid. Much of the road biking takes you over mountain passes. In fact, training for the Tour de France happens in Aspen. If you’d like to work on your high-altitude endurance, road biking is a good choice. Popular road rides include:
  • Maroon Creek Road: a moderate ride of 22 miles round-trip
  • Independence Pass: 40 miles round-trip, very difficult
  • Castle Creek Road: a difficult 24 miles round-trip ride that leads to the ghost town of Ashcroft

3Ebiking in Aspen

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Ebikes for women and men have taken off in popularity and for good reason. The pedal assist allows cyclists of varying skill levels to bike together. They are especially nice to have in Aspen as the high altitude can challenge bikers from lower climes. As Ebike usage has grown, Aspen has accommodated them with the following provisions:
  • No Ebikes are permitted on single-track trails.
  • Ebikes are allowed on any paved roads as well as some of the most popular trails including Smuggler Mountain and Rio Grande Trail.
  • Ebikes must obey a 20-mile-per-hour speed limit.

If you don’t have your own Ebike but would like to give it a try, there are several locations in and around Aspen that rent Ebikes to visitors.

4Preparing For Aspen

As mentioned earlier, Aspen is up there. The altitude can be brutal on those not used to it. If possible, arrive a few days before you plan to begin your bike trip to acclimate to the altitude. Remember to drink water often and carry it on your bike. Aspen has a dry climate.
Also, read up on the bike rules. Aspen is bike-friendly, but you should know the laws, such as don’t ride against traffic. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll stay safe and enjoy your bike trip in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. 

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