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So by now we are hoping that you have managed to try some of the meals from food trucks in the first list. Allow us to inform you that the first list was only a part of this incredibly delicious food journey. The second list of Indian food trucks also feature something sweet and cool for your taste buds. Our journey on discovering meals on wheels in India has brought us to the realization that Bangalore has some of the best food trucks in the country. Not that the other cities don’t, but they are clearly outnumbered by the “pub city” of the country. Get your car keys out people. If you have not checked the first list, check it here. List two for food trucks in India begins in 3….2….1….

1Fuel Up

Where: All of Bangalore

If you love Fox Traveller’s show, Eat Street, then you aren’t alone. Couple Deepthi and Jai decided to start a food truck of their own inspired by the show. The only difference is that these guys don’t have a fixed spot for their food truck. They prefer IT parks, but they could surprise you by visiting your neighbourhood and treat you with some lip smacking meals.

Stews, appams, fajitas, wraps try everything.

Don’t Miss: Burrito bowl! One in a million!

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2Nashta Paani

Where: M.G. Road, Delhi

This is the heaven for breakfast lovers all over Delhi. Given its strategic location, Nasshta Paani attracts hundreds of people every morning. It’s healthy, it’s tasty and it’s affordable too.

Poha, upma, poori, sandwiches, salad, coffee it’s all out there.

Don’t’ Miss: Spicy Soya curry wrap

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Where: Gurgaon Sector 57

This one’s nostalgia on wheels! It’s the only food truck in India to serve Latin American Paletas. Paletas are basically ice-pops made out of fresh fruits. The sweet and sour flavour is absolutely natural. It is fat free and therefore guilt free.

Naturally sweet ice pops. Pick your favourite and lick it up

Don’t Miss: The one with kiwi and strawberry.

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Where: Sarita Vihar, DLF Place (Delhi)

This is the ultimate dude-food place that you don’t want to miss. Karan Malik’s SuperSucker is found at Sarita Vihar on weekdays and at DLF on weekends. Your stomach will sing love songs to you the moment you take in the aroma of the delicious food.

Wraps, burritos, burgers, sandwiches

Don’t Miss: Chicken minced desi burrito

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5Gypsy Kitchen

Where: HSR layout, Kammanahalli, Koramangala and Vasanthnagar (Bangalore)

Shakti Subbarao is another example of following your passion, ditching monotony and introducing the Eat Street culture in India. The attractive food truck and the appetizing menu are enough reasons for you to visit the truck. The food truck will not disappoint you.

Burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs

Don’t Miss: Their meat gypsy burgers are to die for

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6The Goan Fidlagos

Where: Mahim, Mumbai

Talk about authentic Goan soul food and this is it! Every vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacy that you have been craving is right here. It’s a little yellow car that has got the entire city drool for some yummy food. They only serve dinner.

Fish fry, prawn curry, tarts

Don’t Miss: Pork vindaloo

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7Flavour Lab

Where: Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon

Flavour Lab has two food trucks under it; Kobri and Hoppers. While Kobri is all about innovative South Indian delicacies, if you crave Western food, Hoppers is where you must head to.

Kobri: Dosa wraps, curries

Hoppers: Burgers, sandwiches, salads.

Don’t Miss: Idli sandwiches

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8Meals on Wheels

Where: Richards Park, Frazer Town (Bangalore)

Think Chinese, think meals on wheels. Contrary to the burgers and sandwiches that are popular amongst Indian food trucks, Meals on Wheels serve yummazing Chinese cuisine with an Indian twist.

Noodles. Momos, Chinese bhel, stir fry veggies

Don’t Miss: Garlic butter momos and Chinese bhel

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9The SWAT Truck

Where: HSR Layout, Domlur (Bangalore)

This truck is a result of two hotel management graduates vetnting out their work pressures before each other. Vivek Cornelio soon joined Lioma D’souza and Jimson Johns and the SWAT truck (Serving with a twist) was born.

Their burgers, oreo desserts are to die for!

Don’t Miss: The messy Joe burger and their fried oreos

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10Ya Habibi

Where: Promenade Road, Bangalore

Head out to this food truck for a good portion of Middle-Eastern or Greek food. Something that was supposed to be a post retirement plan became a career choice for the twenty-five year old Abdul Qadri. Thank God for that!

Tangin chicken, kebabs, salads

Don’t Miss: Chicken Gyros

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11Veg Foodies Express

Where: Whitefield, Bangalore

It’s not a big deal to find some delicious crispy dosas in South india. But good aloo and paneer could be a problem. Veg Foodies express is your ultimate to go place everytime you crave for some good North Indian delicacies.

Paneer, chole kulche, aloo paratha, laccha paratha

Don’t Miss: Their meal that comprises of a sabji, naan, rice, pickle and salad.

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Clean those drools and grab these dishes soon!

If you think we have missed out on any popular Indian food trucks, share in comments.

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