GOT Season 6 Teaser


In all fairness HBO did say yesterday that “you will be teased” and stuck by its words and released a GOT season 6 teaser. It is intriguing, challenging and messed up at levels we don’t even want to begin defining out here. It was okay in the beginning when we saw ‘the dead’ (Starks, Joffrey and the others) faces with their voice over in the background.

But things got extremely tricky for all of us when we saw Tyrion. I swear to God I skipped a couple of heart beats! I thought he is no more and right there came a shot of the faces of all the characters that are alive. What are we to make out of this GOT season 6 teaser? Does it mean that everyone’s just assumed a face and can pick and choose when one wants to be who?

Or does it mean that everyone’s going to die in the end? We don’t know what it is supposed to mean, but it is bloody interesting! The only down about this teaser is that it is contrary to what everyone expected! All of us sat with bated breath waiting for HBO to release a full length trailer like it has done in the past. This was no where close to it.

GOT Season 6 teaser came up with a very interesting theory. If Arya actually learns the art from the many faced God, could she actually take up the face of one of the dead characters and bring him/her back to life? Wouldn’t that be brilliantly interesting?

The teaser has given birth to too many theories, but unfortunately the fans aren’t happy with everyone demanding for the trailer in the “comments section.” It seems like HBO is playing us this time. It is going to be a while until the trailer is up, we feel.

Until then, GOT Season 6 teaser is raising a hell lot of fan theories already!


Source: GameofThrones

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