Stunning Pencil Tip Sculptures


It’s very normal to see artists use several tools to create their illustrations/sculptures, but it’s rare to see an artist turn one of the most important tools for art (pencil) into a sculpture. Bosnian sculpture, Jasenko Đorđević manages to do just that. His stunningly detailed pencil tip sculptures are taking over the internet lately and once you look at them, you will know why. His pencil tip sculptures are so beautiful and delicate at the same time that you would want to keep staring at them and yet not touch them with the fear of breaking them. Black lead or graphite is the material of Đorđević’s choice. The material is a paradox in itself since it is both hard and fragile at the same time. Remember the time when most of us couldn’t even sharpen our pencils well enough? We didn’t even know when to stop the sharpening! The next thing we knew, the nib is broken! Look what this man has achieved; pencil tip sculptures!

From a little man standing to a screw, you name it and this man has managed to carve it on the pencil nib. He has received a lot of appreciation on Facebook and Twitter for his creative and insanely difficult-to-execute- kind of art work. We know that all the love and wishes will inspire the artist to create more such works that will pleasantly surprise the world. You have to see his work to believe how wonderful and complicated it is all at once.


Screw made pencil tip sculptures


pencil tip sculptures


Camera made pencil tip sculptures


Elephant made pencil tip sculptures


Bosnian sculpture, Jasenko Đorđević


Bosnian sculpture, Jasenko Đorđević sculpted hanging man


Bosnian sculpture, Jasenko Đorđević sculpted hanging man pencil art


Batman on pencil tip


pencil sculptures


artistic pencil sculptures


Colosseum sculpture on pencil


Bosnian artist Pencil sculptures

Brilliance on a pencil, isn’t it? Artists never fail to surprise us these days! We know that there are several out there. The hunt is on!


Check out Đorđević’s social media profiles and website: Facebook Instagram Twitter Website

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