This Powerful Video Of Hijras Singing The Indian National Anthem Is Something You Must Watch

It’s always a matter of pride to sing our national anthem. Have you ever seen hijras singing the Indian National anthem? You will right now. It was a historic day on February 14th last year when our country recognized them as a third gender. To celebrate this respect and recognition this is what the seven transgender people did in order to respect the country on its birthday. It’s very unique in its conception and the execution and comes with a breath of fresh air. The Indian National Anthem is sung with the utmost love and respect by these transgenders.

It’s extremely heart warming and it somewhere fills you with a sense of pride. Probably many of you don’t know this but if you were to actually look at a form of any college or university it now includes transgender as an option with male and female. After all this struggle it feels good to know that they achieved that recognition and respect they were fighting for so many decades. Their singing of the national anthem therefore holds a deeper value because it puts them up as citizens of the country; something that wasn’t happening before. These could have been anyone from a teacher to a doctor if they were respected and given a place in the society before. Nevertheless it’s not late yet and we are glad that they now have the option of pursuing their dreams without any barriers. It takes a lot more than just courage to stand up for yourself under such circumstances and fight for your rights. The fire and passion you will see in the eyes of these people while they sing the anthem is infectious.

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Source: Yathartha Pictures

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