Game Of Thrones Fan Theory 

We have come across several fan theories by now. Some have been interesting and the rest downright insane! But this one Game of Thrones fan theory is breaking the internet for its most absurd and yet one of the most believable logics.

We have no idea if George R. R. Martin has even thought along these lines, but if he hasn’t, he is in for a brilliant surprise and an impressive watch. So according to a certain Youtuber named Calluna, the Starks are the embodiment of the seven Gods! So while we are hoping to watch a lot more on Lyanna Stark in the upcoming episode “Oathbreaker” and finally get to know if she is indeed Jon Snow’s mother or not, this lady has come up with a theory that can twist everything upside down.

According to this Game of Thrones fan theory, each Stark represents qualities and characteristics of one of the seven Gods. She has described and matched each characteristic of the character with the subsequent God and proved her point. What’s interesting is how she links the Starks to these Gods. Also, just like the seven Gods, the Starks are the strongest when they are together and the weakest when they are apart.

Now, in this Game of Thrones fan theory, Jon Snow has found the most unique place. He isn’t matched with any one of the Gods. Instead he is seen as the common face for all of these Gods. He is the soul ultimate representation of all seven and possess a characteristic from each of the characters.

The fan theory was picked up by several websites that haven’t only talked about it, but also agreed with the logic. This is definitely one of the top five potent theories that we have seen/read by far.

Here’s a video describing the entire theory. Have a look.


Source: Calluna Reviews

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