Shah Rukh Khan Owns Raees Teaser Like A Boss

Raees Teaser was released yesterday and it looks bloody promising. We are not saying this only because of Shah Rukh Khan but also because of the entire team involved in this project. The film is directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Farhan Akhtan and Ritesh Sidhwani. Raees Teaser opens with a bang and shouts “crime” from the word go. It feels like this role was tailor made for Shah Rukh Khan and definitely suits his age. This could be the “Chak De” of his career yet again. The tag line of the film is already making a lot of ripples for good and bad reasons. It’s very intriguing and thrilling all at once.

We genuinely feel Shahrukh must take more of such roles. Not to say that he isn’t good in others, but these are the kinds that he carries off with a panache. Plus, it’s kind of rare to see the actor do these roles. In most cases we see him in a romantic comedy these days. We want to see Shahrukh in the kind of roles that suit his age and do justice to the powerhouse of talent this man is. Raes is set to release next year in Eid. So therefore probably there won’t be a Salman Khan film next Eid. Whoever it is, we are basically hoggers of good quality cinema and that can come from anyone in the industry. Since Farhan Akhtar is associated with the film’s production, we are expecting more fireworks. That guy is a genius and we all have seen the kind of magic these two brewed with Don.

If you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan, you are definitely going to wait for Eid next year. It goes the same for Farhan Akhtar fans as well. Must watch!


Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

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