Hrithik-Sonam Dheere Dheere Se Dumbsmash Version 


We were hoping for something like this, but not so soon, you can watch the original video here. This Dheere Dheere Se Dumbsmash version is lethal. It’s going to alter every possible romantic notion that you ever had after watching the song. It’s an out and out Sonam and gang takes o Hrithik kind of a thing. Take this for example; the part where Hrithik is seen driving a cycle has Dhoom Machale in the background music! ROFL!

We are telling you after you watch this Dheere Dheere Se dumbsmash version; you will forget the original and watch this on repeat. Sonam asks Hrithik if his place has a wifi, he nods and she goes off to download stuff from Torrents! Ever thought this could happen to the song when you watched it for the first time?!

We loved the voices. Of course someone’s mimicked them, but Hrithik’s voice matches so perfectly to the original, you will feel as if Hrithik has dubbed for this version of the song, minus the song 😀

They got Hrithik to sell vadas and paavs in this Dheere Dheere se Dumbsmash version; I mean how much more hilarious can it get than this? We don’t even know how the stars are going to react when they watch this. Something tells us that Hrithik, Sonam, Honey Singh and T-Series are going to love this version too. Who doesn’t like a bit of humour and creativity?

Of all the spoofs that we have seen on several songs and videos; we loved this one the most. Spoofing is the new “it” these days and thus the competition is stronger. Amidst all of that to be able to deliver something like this requires a twisted mind and a great sense of humour.

We are also told that T-Series is now planning a third installment of Aashique 3 with Hrithik and Sonam in the lead. We are glad they took the hint from the song’s popularity and decided to make a film with these two extremely good looking people. We are pretty sure about Hrithik’s performance; we hope Sonam does a good job in the film.

In the meantime this Dheere Dheere Se Dumbsmash version is a perfect treat for all fans this weekend.

Watch, Laugh and Share!

P.S: Someone get Hrithik, Sonam and Honey Singh to watch this! It’s going to make their day. Sincerely hoping they have a sense of humour otherwise it won’t take a minute to tick them off with this video.


Source: Screen Patti

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