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8 Simple Flavoured Butter Recipes

Flavoured Butter recipes
Flavoured Butter

Flavoured Butter Recipes


Butter, undoubtedly one of the best creations by mankind! It’s smooth, it’s delicious and its flavor lifts up a regular dish into something heavenly. It knows no race, caste, class or gender, it loves you selflessly and sets your taste buds into an erotic dance the moment it hits your tongue. The best part is, it goes well with every damn thing. Whether it’s on the knife or dripping down our fingers, it satisfies our cravings like no other. We just thought that it isn’t fair if we leave an ingredient like butter, plain and simple all the time. It is yummy of course, but it could get better and we know how to do that for you. Here are 10 ridiculously simple ways to flavour your butter at home and save that money you are spending on buying it from outside. All you need to do is melt some better and add these classic ingredients to it. Once it’s done, you freeze it back and viola! It’s time to hog. These combinations will turn out to be the star of your dish. You can use them on breads, in sandwiches, in pastas, on meat or like the way we have it, plain! Just sit with the box and lick it all, be selfish, do not Share! However you eat it, we guarantee it’s going to make you very happy!

1Rosemary, Thyme and Sage

Source: Pinterest


The combination screams ‘classic’ from the word ‘Go’. Just melt in some butter; finely chop these beautiful, flavourful herbs and add. The combination goes very well with roast and bbq meats. 

2Cilantro and Lime

Source : SeriousEats

Oh! What a beauty, this one! You will not be able to find a better way to use cilantro than this one. Just squeeze in some lime or add its zest and you just prepared heaven in a box! 

3Onion and Red Wine

Source : Foodily

We are drooling already. Slather this butter over your pork chops or beef steaks and then just be. Let the flavours and the meat fall in love and consummate! 

4Mint and Lemon Zest

Source  : ShowFoodChef

We don’t need to explain the fresh zing this combination has. Lick the butter from a spoon or throw into your salad. Have it your way.


Nothing can ever go wrong with this one. Simple, pretty and just magic!


6Thyme and Honey

Source : AncaFoods

Poetry in food! The herb-y taste of thyme coupled with sweet honey, what could ever go wrong in the world, we wonder. This one is a game changer, try it!

7Gherkins, Chives and Black Pepper

Source : BigPortionsStrongFlavours

Burst of flavours! Spicy, salty and fresh, this butter could be your taste buds’ best friend. 

8Parsley and Shallots

Pasta and this butter combination is a match made in heaven! It goes equally well with any and every grilled meat.


Do you have other methods to flavour butter? Share with us.

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