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These 13 Short Horror Stories Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

short horror story about empty elevator

Short Horror Stories


It doesn’t matter if we don’t sleep at night or keep the lights on; we are still going to go to anything that claims “horror” right? They say imagination is wilder than reality and these 13 Short Horror Stories arouse fear from the same concept. The stories are not more than 2 lines, but they are going to let your brain do its job so well; it’s going to give you goose bumps before you say “horror”! These 13 Short Horror Stories are what nightmares are made of! Don’t believe us? Give it a read!

short horror stories about empty elevator

short horror stories about pungent rotting smell
short horror story about muddy paws

short horror story about website full of pictures

short horror stories about scary car

Scary Closet story

Phantom Limb syndrome horror story

Face love letter scary short story

Short scary Doll story

Orphan Creature scary story

Short Scary horror Stories

All alone scary image

Scary Swith Board Story

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