The Printing Machine By Kalki Koechlin Speaks To Every Indian Today

This woman has proved time and again that she is different. No, Kalki Koechlin isn’t different because of the kind of films she chooses to do only; t is because of the kind of change she is actively trying to bring about in the attitudes of her countrymen. The Printing Machine written and performed by Kalki stands true to what we just said about her.

It is a heart-rending representation of what is happening in our country and also how the media and the rest of us perceive it. It might look like Kalki is only addressing women’s issues in the country through The Printing Machine, but it is so much more. The poem is a satire on our robotic attitudes towards news every morning and evening. It mocks the newspapers, media houses and social media at large for their insensitive take on “juicy news” for better sales and higher TRPs.

Through The Printing Machine, Kalki recalls every gruesome act against women in the country and also talks about those that went unreported. It was because printing ads of beauty products seemed like a better choice for newspapers and magazines than talking about those cases. The Printing Machine is not just brilliant written and performed; it is beautifully conceptualized into visuals as well!

We have also respected Kalki’s opinions and the projects she has taken over to voice them. But this one just took that respect notches higher. What Kalki questions and mocks through her poem here is a big eye-opener not only for the media, but for the rest of us as well. Are our opinions influenced by the media? Do we make a big, robotic ruckus out of news that the media wants us to react on? Where are we, as a nation, when certain abuses go unreported because they aren’t “good enough”?

The Printing Machine knocks at the door of every Indian’s heart, listen carefully.

Thank you, Kalki!


Source: BLUSH

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