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10 Reasons Why Sarcastic Friends are the Coolest

Chandler Bing Sarcasm
Sarcastic Friends

Sarcastic Friends are the Coolest


Love them, hate them but you cannot hold yourself from laughing at their comments. Every person, no matter what the age, will always have that one friend who indulges in unapologetic, smacked-in-your-face sarcasm, that’s not only swag but ridiculously hilarious! Whether you agree or not, that’s a different matter, but YOU KNOW that they are the life of your group. Hanging out and interactions are absolutely at another level when they are around and you definitely miss them when they aren’t. Here are 10 reasons why they are the coolest. You will agree with most and if you are that guy/girl who is sarcastic, we know you are grinning right now!


Their unbeatable sense of humour

Sarcastic Friends and Their unbeatable sense of humourSource : HeadOverFeels

Sometimes, it’s not even what they say, but the way they say it that makes all the difference. The moment they open their mouths, you are secretly preparing yourself for a good one and they NEVER disappoint you.


They are so smart

Sarcastic Friends, They are so smart

We don’t mean the looks here, but the content. They always seem to know most of the things that are happening around and therefore are able to mould and twist it into something funny and interesting.

They are never boring

Sarcastic Friends, They are never boringSource : Nerdswole

Their jokes, their comments, the way they share information or just their presence; we can’t place our finger on it, but you know what we mean, don’t you?

Their ability to understand issues

Sarcastic Friends and their ability to understand issuesSource : Tumblr

The best thing with these guys is, they know when to stop. That’s probably the most important trick. Their words and thoughts are always measured and apt.

They NEVER need to explain their comments/jokes

Sarcastic Friends never need to explain their commentsSource : Tumblr

They are always so simple and effective that everyone gets it at the same time. What better, right?

It’s never offensive

 Sarcastic Friend are never offensiveSource : Tumblr

It could be that they have made fun of you at several occasions, but it’s so subtle and smart that you never take offensive. That’s the beauty! 

They become friends easily

Funny chandler bing knock knock jokesSource : Tumblr

You can try all your tactics, but one smart comment from their mouths and ace! Because they are smart with their words, they are usually extremely social and popular.

The originality

I'm not great at advice. But can I interest you in a sarcastic commentSource : Tumblr

They are absolutely original in most of their comments. It’s never copied or an attempted rip off of something. It’s simple, original and sets everyone into hysteric giggles.

They never take offense

Chandler Bing Licked My neck Source : WordPress

They know that someday it could be their day in the reverse. That time when the entire gang rips them off. And they will be equally welcoming and jolly about it. They are matured enough not to take things by heart.

They are usually right

Chandler Bing SarcasmSource : WordPress

Believe it or not but most of the things they say is usually true and has layers of meanings to it. It’s almost like they are reading people or the expressions; something! But they are usually right.

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