Game of Thrones Tower of Joy

Game Of Thrones Tower Of Joy

Big Spoilers- Do Not Read Further If You Haven’t watched “Oathbreaker”

This has got be super annoying for a lot of Game of Thrones fans world over. Just like all of us anticipated, Tower of Joy came to life on Game of Thrones. And it took less than a minute for Game of Thrones Tower of Joy to begin trending on social media.

It was all falling place. Game of Thrones Tower of Joy was giving us everything we wanted. We saw a young Ned Stark marching with his set of soldiers to bring back his sister Lyanna who was inside the Tower under the supervision of the Kingsguard. Needless to say, this was all happening in Bran’s vision with the three-eyed Raven.

Ned managed to get past all the soldiers with the help of his team. Ned finally goes to the tower followed by his son Bran and right there in that moment, they hear a woman screaming and Bran calls out to his father. Ned turns around almost as if he had heard Bran. And just before we could go any further in this scene, Bloodraven cuts it up much to the annoyance of Bran and all of us.

Twitter went bonkers when the Game of Thrones Tower of Joy scene was cut short like that. Game of Thrones is famous for teasing their viewers, but this was heights really! We really have to know what happened to Lyanaa. Here are some of the frustrated scenes after the Game of Thrones Tower of Joy scene left fans wanting more.






As far as the rest of the episode is concerned, it does have a lot for Jon Snow fans. From the man waking up from the death all naked and cold to what happened with the much hated Olly, there’s a lot in store for fans this episode. We won’t delve into those details. Surprisingly and contrary to what everyone believed, Jon Snow’s plot isn’t the point of excitement on the internet currently.

It is rather the Tower of Joy, which if one notices is directly related to Jon Snow. Game of Thrones Tower of Joy is just a little far away from confirming that Lyanna is actually Snow’s mother. We have know idea why they are teasing us for this long!

Come on, GOT!

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