Adorable Kids Tell You Why Same Sex Marriage Is Right

The world is celebrating the decision by the American Supreme court to legalize Same Sex Marriage across all 50 states. While most are celebrating, there are some who do not support this judgement. This ad by Esurance tells you exactly why Same Sex Marriage and its legalization is the right step. The ad features absolutely adorable kids who tell you why it is Love that must be celebrated and respected rather than tangling oneself into any barriers of gender. The kids share their wedding dreams and justify how marriage is the ultimate bond of Love and therefore all couples have the right to that. The video shows a marked difference in the attitude of today’s generation as compared to that from the past. Same Sex Marriage legalization has already created uproar in a lot of orthodox groups that tag it as a sin and forbid people from indulging in such “Sinful Activities.”

It’s one of those times when kids talk a lot of sense to the extent that it puts elders to shame. It goes out to show exactly why growing up sucks! Here we are all grown up, supposedly having a better sense of the world, but it’s twisted, isn’t it? Most of it is based on our fears and biased opinions. Kids, on the other hand, have none of these and are free from the so called “general understanding of the world” and that’s what makes them special. You have to listen to these kids out here to realize why the future has a promise for the world.

This ad will probably give those people a very innocent, unfiltered and honest perspective on why Same Sex Marriage is NOT a sin! Worth a watch! Love wins, always!


Source: Esurance

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