Akshay Kumar bathroom dance
Akshay Kumar bathroom dance

ROFL: This Insanely Hilarious Akshay Kumar Bathroom Dance Video Is What You Need To Watch Today

This is madness! We do know that the industry has moved above and beyond all this madness today and invented new levels, but hell this is crazy! Akshay Kumar bathroom dance video will not only leave you in splits, but will make you feel extremely sorry for the superstar. Look at what the director made him do here! We are so sure that even Akshay doesn’t want to look at it today.

Akshay Kumar bathroom dance video is all kinds of awesome; no, really! It all begins with the super comfy bubble bath. And just when you think a girl will pop out of the tub; you see two hands. Later emerges out hero in blue underwear and by that time we already had a terrible stomach ache! You almost feel sorry for him while he dances away in the bathroom to “It’s My Life”.

Way before Ranbir Kapoor made his name as the “towel boy” of the industry was Akshay Kumar! Oh and on that note, do look at Akshay’s towel in the video! The choreography is so bad, it is good! Several stars have had to do insane things for their films, but this one is beyond epic. The actor, popularly known as the “action hero” of the industry seriously had some guts to execute this with that much confidence.

And for those of you who are assuming that the movie would have been a big flop; you are wrong. The movie was a blockbuster hit. Yeah, stuff like this sold like hot cakes back then we assume. What we love about Akshay is his attitude. No matter what, he has done his work with diligence and climbed the top of the ladder today.

To showers, bubbles and towels!


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